Previous members and completed PhDs:


Tammer Castro

PhD Student

Dissertation title: Heritage and adult L2 acquisition of empty categories in a bidialectal-bilingual context
Supervisors: Marit Westergaard, Jason Rothman
Defense date: November 24, 2016
Committee: Ester Rinke (Frankfurt), Ruth Lopes (Campinas), Antonio Fábregas (Tromsø)
PhD dissertation may be downloaded here.

Tor-Willy KnudsenTor-Willy


Natalia Mitrofanova

PhD Student

Dissertation title: Paths and Places: Aspects of Grammar and Acquisition​
Supervisors: Marit Westergaard, Peter Svenonius
Defense date:
November 10, 2016
Natalia Gagarina (Berlin), Sonja Eisenbeiss (Essex/Cologne), Tarald Taraldsen (Tromsø)
PhD dissertation may be downloaded here


Olga Urek

PhD Student

Dissertation title: Palatalization in Latvian
Supervisors: Martin Krämer, Marit Westergaard
Defense date:
May 23, 2016
Nicoleta Bateman (CSUSM), Francesc Torres-Tamarit (Paris), Tore Nesset (Tromsø)
PhD dissertation may be downloaded here

Marta Velnic

PhD Student

Dissertation titleThe Acquisition of Double Object Constructions in Croatian Child Language
Supervisors: Merete AnderssenMarit Westergaard
Defense date: February 22, 2018
Committee: Bernhard Brehmer (Greifswald), Tihana Kraš (Rijeka), Tanja Kupisch (Tromsø) 
PhD dissertation may be downloaded here

Anna Wolleb

PhD Student

Dissertation titleSyntactic representations in the bilingual mind: the role of executive function and pragmatics in cross-language priming
Defense date: December 10, 2015
Committee: Ludovica Serratrice (Manchester), Holly Branigan (Edinburgh), Øystein Vangsnes (Tromsø)
PhD dissertation may be downloaded here.

Roumyana SlabakovaRoumyana

Professor II
Research interests: Second, third & multilingual language acquisition; acquisition of functional morphology; acquisition at the syntax-semantics, syntax-discourse, and semantics-pragmatics interfaces; critical periods for acquisition; language processing; heritage language/language attrition; eye tracking; second language acquisition theory and epistemology.


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