Workshop in honour of Marta Velnic

VENUE: Room E-0105

09:45 – Coffee, tea and fruit

10:00 – Kristine Bentzen: Object shift and es/das: Form and position of pronominal objects with non-nominal antecedents in Norwegian and German

10:40 – Björn Lundquist: The role of argument structure and information structure in the choice of subject in Scandinavian double object passives

11:20 – Marit Westergaard: Word order in double object constructions in German: The effect of animacy and focus structure.

12:00 – LUNCH 

13:00 –Tihana Kras: Native and non-native processing of Italian subject pronouns: Evidence from eye movements

13:40 – Bernhard Brehmer: To drop or not to drop? Null subjects in two generations of Russian-German and Polish-German bilinguals

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