Chip-based TIRF nanoscopy and microscopy

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Chip-based TIRF decouples the excitation and emission pathways, resulting in lower image background and lower light exposure to the sample. Because of this decoupling, lower NA objectives can be used and thus large field-of-view TIRF imaging is now possible. We have already proven the versatility of this chip-based system by showing 2-color, large field-of-view dSTORM, where the user can decide between higher resolution (<50 nm) and larger field of view [1]. We have several systems capable of chip-based TIRF in use or in development, which can be used with a range of lasers (tested from 405 nm – 660 nm), objectives, and cameras.

[1] “Chip-based wide field-of-view nanoscopy” R. Diekmann et al., Nature Photonics (2017)