OMX Blaze Structured Illumination Microscope

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Our OMX Blaze system (GE Healthcare) is capable of 3D structured illumination microscopy (SIM), deconvolution microscopy (DV), total internal reflection microscopy (TIRF), localization microscopy (such as dSTORM or similar), and differential interference contrast microscopy (DIC). It features the following:

  • 405, 488, 568, and 642 nm lasers
  • Solid state light source (for DV)
  • 3 sCMOS cameras
  • On-stage incubator
  • Photokinetic module (for FRAP, photoactivation, etc)
  • UltimateFocus module (for finding and maintaining focus)
  • SIM resolution of ~120 nm (lateral) and ~350 nm (axial)
  • 3D SIM acquisition as fast as 1 ┬Ám / second