Kathrin H. Hopmann

NordCO2 Principal Investigator

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My research activity is focused on elucidating the detailed nature of chemical reactions. During my undergraduate studies (1999-2004, Aarhus University in Denmark and Karolinska Inst. in Sweden), I worked several years in the laboratory, investigating enzymatic reactions. During my Ph.D. studies (2004-08, KTH in Sweden), I shifted towards computational chemistry, focusing on modelling of enzymatic catalysis. In my post doc studies (2008-11, UiT Norway) and my subsequent researcher position, I have increasingly focused on chirality and enantioselective catalysis. Since 2014, I am leading my own research group, which is applying both experimental organic chemistry and theoretical quantum chemistry tools in the investigation and development of selective organometallic catalysts. Current research projects involve c studies of transition-metal catalyzed processes, including conversion of CO2 to higher value products (see also CHOCO, NordCO2, CO2PERATE, iCCU).


Publications by K. H. Hopmann within NordCO2 are listed below.
For a complete publication list by K. H. Hopmann, see her CRIStin page.

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