Research visits (Nordic Exchange Programme)

You can apply to us for funding your research visit within the NordCO2 consortium by filling up this form and sending it to You will receive a stipend through your university and the receiving institution will receive funds for covering your operational costs while visiting. Both the stipend and the operational costs are calculated from a fixed amount per month of 20 000 NOK, covering the actual number of days your are visiting. Travel costs are to be included in this amount.


Meetings and courses are, as much as possible, scheduled from lunchtime to lunchtime, giving the possibility for same-day travel. Accomodation is handled by us while you book your travel either yourself or via your local institution. Extra nights are only offered to those who are not able to travel on “travel days”, or if it is cheaper (if your flight would cost 4000 on day 1 but 1000 on day 2, it’s definitely cheaper to stay one more night!).

You are allowed to travel sometime before/after the event, the extra accommodation will be at your expense (contact us to discuss this).

You are allowed to travel from/to other places than your home/institution (see below for how the refund is handled).

Travel refund

Refunds are done via the DFØ system at UiT. Contact us for the procedure and forms. From the 1st of October 2022, travels must be pre-approved in the DFØ system.

Your travels related to NordCO2 activities (courses, meetings) are refunded in their totality. This includes:

  • transport from and to your home or institution (including buses, etc) as well as any meals you need on the way
  • transport during the duration of the event (accommodation – event location(s) and between event locations) – it is often cheaper to get a pass for the duration of stay, which also has the advantage of granting you transport outside of the events

Of course, your expenses have to be justifiable and within reason: we will not refund a chauffeured limousine when you could easily have taken public transportation or a meal/accommodation when your travel duration is 1 hour… You will need receipts for everything, no matter who handles your travel claim. For plane tickets, you will need the boarding pass proving that you actually have travelled.

If you travel to/from another location than your home or institution, we will try to refund up to the amount you would have paid travelling from your home/institution (whichever is cheapest). This is case by case, so please contact us in good time before you order your transport so we may figure this out.

As always, you can write to us at if you have any questions 🙂