Acta Borealia (2019) Volume 36(1)

Junka-Aikio Laura: “Institutionalization, neo-politicization and the politics of defining Sámi research” 1-22.
Svestad Asgeir: “Caring for the dead? An alternative perspective on Sámi reburial” 23-52.
Vakhtin Nikolai:”Sovetskaya Arktika journal as a source for the history of the Northern Sea Route” 53-74.
Leu Traian C.:”Tourism as a livelihood diversification strategy among Sámi indigenous people in northern Sweden” 75-92.
Andersen Oddmund: “The settlement mounds in Divtasvuona/Tysfjord, North Norway. Traces of a Sámi fisher-farmer economy” 93-116.

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