Methane release in the Arctic and global warming

CAGE contributes to new findings on methane release from the seabed

21. January 2014

A new Science paper with contributions from CAGE presents new findings on methane release and global warming.


CAGE researchers clarify the Arctic’s role in global climate during the Pliocene

11. December 2013

The relation between the Arctic and global warming has attracted public awareness over the past years. To really understand the future challenge of climate change we need to understand the climate of the past. CAGE researchers have contributed to a recent publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters which presents new knowledge of the Arctic climate in the Pliocene.

Kronebreen Svalbard

CAGE researcher presents new climate knowledge in Nature

4. December 2013

Melting glaciers and rising sea levels are certainly not new phenomena. Climate change was dramatic even during the last ice age, says Professor Tine Rasmussen.


New guest student at CAGE

20. November 2013

Russian PhD candidate Pavel Serov from Saint-Petersburg State University will be spending the next year as part of the CAGE research team.

Anna Silyakova

A wider perspective

5. September 2013

CAGE’s new researcher Anna Silyakova wants to investigate the Arctic with an interdisciplinary eye.

Joel Johnson

– A unique opportunity

5. September 2013

Associate professor Joel Johnson from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) looks forward to spending a year as visiting professor at CAGE.

Giuliana Panieri

From Bologna to Tromsø

4. September 2013

The opportunity to be part of CAGE inspired Italian Giuliana Panieri to bring her family of four to Northern Norway.