CASTL syntacticians on the road

Keeping up with the strong start to the blog (please remember to spread the word!), we can reveal the whereabouts of some members of CASTL’s syntax community in the coming days.

CASTL post-doc Pavel Caha and CASTL affiliate Tom McFadden are headed to Brussels, where they will give talks at BGCL 5: Case at the Interfaces. Pavel is about to share his research on Case in adpositional phrases, while Tom’s talk (co-authored with CASTL PhD student Sandhya Sundaresan) will present evidence that Nominative case is independent of finiteness and agreement.

At the same time, and keeping to the topic of interfaces, CASTL alumna and current higher executive officer Kaori Takamine will ensure a CASTL presence at On Linguistic Interfaces 2 at the University of Ulster; she will present a poster entitled Mapping of adjunct PPs to structure of Japanese. Sandhya Sundaresan’s poster presenting An allomorphy hypothesis for PRO and overt anaphors also made it to the program, and apparently Kaori will be in the possession of Sandhya’s handouts. So if you’re in the vicinity of Brussels or Belfast (or maybe both!), don’t miss out!

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