Resuming normal service…

…on two fronts. First, congratulations to CASTL PhD students Éva Dékány and Sandhya Sundaresan, whose presence will grace the 34th GLOW colloquium in glamorous Vienna in April. Éva will talk about Spurious NP Ellipsis in Hungarian, while Sandhya presents
A syntactic feature-calculus and double-access analysis for indexical shift in Tamil
The whole program is here.

Second, this Thursday CASTL will officially kick off the new semester (of course, you wouldn’t say it was only starting judging by the amount of activity around…).  We will start with a colloquium presentation by Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh/University of Tromsø) and Ludovica Serratrice (University of Manchester) on The interpretation of null and overt subject pronouns in Italian: Evidence from off-line and on-line data in monolingual and bilingual children, followed by the kick-off party at Árdna! And for those who survive the party, Ludovica will lead a workshop on eye tracking on Friday. Isn’t that exciting?

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