CASTLFish at the Verona Winter School

CASTLFish had a strong showing at the 3rd Winter School in Linguistics (18-27 November 2019) organised by the University of Verona in collaboration with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and UIT.

Together with Birgit Alber, Martin Krämer remotely taught 2 of the courses provided: an introductory and an advanced course in Phonology. Their PhD students, Joachim Kokkelmans (UNIVR), Eirini Apostolopoulou (UNIVR/UIT), Anna Pilsbacher (UIT/UNIVR) and Tor Håvard Solhaug (UIT/UNIVR) co-taught the introductory course. Eirini presented on suprasegmental phonology (syllable structure, sonority, morae), Anna on the interplay between phonology and morphology, and Tor Håvard on the syntax-phonology interface. 

Jelena Živojinović (UNIVR/UIT) also attended the winter school bringing the total of CASTLFish-affiliated attendees up to 4. 

At the conclusion of the Winter School, Antonio Fábregas held a Lectio Magistralis entitled Being left is not enough.

Click here to read more about courses’ curricula or to see the abstract of Antonio’s talk.



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