Colloquium by Dave Kush (28. February)

On Friday,  28. February 2020, Dave Kush (NTNU) give a talk entitled “How Norwegians learn about Islands in L1 and L2.” 

The talk will begin at 14:15 and be held in SVHUM E-0104. 

An abstract of the talk is provided below. 



Linguists have long puzzled over the origin of island effects. How do people learn which filler-gap dependencies are acceptable in their native (and non-native languages)? And, more importantly, which aren’t? Many accounts of islands attribute the existence of islands to inductive biases that operate during acquisition, though the details of accounts differ drastically in what the biases are assumed to consist in. In this talk I’ll present the results of two new studies that use cross-linguistic variation in island-sensitivity to better understand what constraints are responsible for island effects and how language learners acquire those constraints by generalizing over their input data. The first part of the talk focuses on how Norwegian children learn that embedded questions and (some) relative clauses are not islands in their language. The second part of the talk investigates whether and how Norwegians learn that English is more island-sensitive than their native language. 



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