Cancelled events (UPDATE)

Dear all, 

due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the university will remain closed for physical instruction until April 17th. Employees are advised to work from home whenever this is possible. Meetings and gatherings that are non-necessary are strongly discouraged. These restrictions have lead to the following changes in CASTLFish’s activity: 

-All Colloquia and Talks with invited guest in the foreseeable future are cancelled due to local and national quarantine restrictions. Specifically, the colloquium by Laura McPherson slated for March 20th and the subsequent potluck have been cancelled.

-The EEG reading group and FishFeed will remain inactive for the foreseeable future. 

-The Phonology Reading Group will be suspended until further notice. Contact Martin or Tor Håvard if you are not on the mailing list, but want further information. 

-Lastly, Semra Kizilkaya, who had been visiting from the University og Cologne has been ordered back by her home institution. We thope she has enjoyed her (shortened) stay with us and wish her all the best. 

As the situation changes quickly, check the website or your email inbox regularly to stay updated. 

Please keep informed about the university’s response to the virus at: and avoid unnecessary risks. 

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