Gillian Ramchand at this week’s Linguistic Flash Mob (2. July 2020 @ 6.30 P.M.)

Before CASTLFish takes a well deserved summer break, this Thursday at 6.30 pm Gillian Ramchand will be discussing the syntax-semantics interface, specifically event structure, with Hagit Borer (Queen Mary University of London). They will be asked to debate based on the following questions: 

a) How are thematic relations encoded in the syntax?
b) What is the representation of causation and agentivity?
c) What about verbal decomposition and argument structure?

The talk will be moderated by David Adger (Queen Mary University of London).

A dedicated Youtube channel is now available for the direct streaming and the video will be stored to be accessed at a later date. This is to avoid the overcharging of Zoom, which cannot support too many scholars at the same time. 


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