CASTLFish at “Linearising Constituents Across Domains”

CASTLFish will show a strong presence at the  Linearising Constituents Across Domains conference, this week.

The conference is cohosted by University College London and Bled Institute, and will be held online on October 15-16

A zoom link for joining the conference will be distributed after registration and upon request.

CASTLFish is represented by Craig, Björn, Gillian and Maud, who will hold the following talks: 


Craig Sailor: Segregated transfer of ellipsis sites: evidence from Taiwanese

Björn Lundquist and Maud Westendorp: Object shift feeds variable verb and subject placement: implications for linearization and production planning

Gillian Ramchand: Deriving VSO in Scottish Gaelic: A direct linearization approach


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