Gary Thoms at Fishfeed (1-06-2021)

We are happy to have Gary Thoms (NYU) join us for an extraordinary  FishFeed this Tuesday. Please note the starting time of 15.30 (later time because of coordinating with New York).  The title and abstract of the talk are presented below.  



A syntactic reassessment of Goidelic pronoun postposing  

Gary Thoms (NYU)

In this talk I reassess the status of pronoun postposing in Goidelic (Irish and Scottish Gaelic), which was recently argued by Bennett, Elfner and McCloskey (2016) to constitute a case of a post-syntactic displacement. I show that it is syntactically constrained in a number of ways which are unexpected for their account, and I develop a syntactic alternative in the spirit of Duffield (1995) which can account for the restrictions and the seemingly syntax-resistant cases in a principled way.

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