CASTLFish Presence at CUNY

In case you don´t have enough to do and are missing your weekly FishFeed Fix, here are some storyboard videos that the team of Minor, Mitrofanova, Vos and Ramchand made for the recently held Virtual CUNY at UMass Amherst. These posters discuss research results that have come from the NFR project on Concepts and Compositionality Read More

New FRI PRO Grant to Fish Affiliated Project

Congratulations to Björn Lundquist on his new Norwegian Research Council Grant Experimental Approaches to Syntactic Optionality !!  Ten million kroner over three years.  Bravo!  

Week 36: Sept 2-6 A Full Week of Workshops

Next week we will be treated to no less than 2 international workshops. Click on this post to see links to both programmes. The first Sept 1-2 is Capturing and Quantifying Individual differences in Bilingualism The second Sept 5-6 is Aspect in the Arctic. Bilingualism Sept 1-2 and Aspect in the Arctic Sept 5-6