Colloquium This Friday at 1415 in E0105!

“There is no imperfective specification in Serbo-Croatian: a view from multipurpose suffixes” Boban Arsenijević, University of Graz There will be drinks in the Xbar following Boban´s talk.   Read the abstract here. 

Workshop on Features May 27 and 28

We are excited to be hosting the features workshop organized by Peter Svenonius and Craig Sailor next week. You can access the programme here. Gillian will be blogging.

CASTLFishers at the European Dialect Syntax Workshop in Glasgow!

  Craig, Björn, Øystein and Maud are at the European Dialect Syntax (Edisyn) Workshop IX, held at the University of Glasgow,  presenting the following papers: Tor Åfarli + Øystein Vangsnes Adjectival inflection across varieties of Norwegian Björn Lundquist, Ida Larsson, Maud Westendorp + Eirik TengesdalThe Nordic Word Order Database: New methods for studying variation within Read More