Phonology Reading Group

Welcome to the collaborative, online reading group. 

Starting September 7th 202o, the reading group will meet every Monday between 14.00 and 16.00 on zoom.

This semester, we will start out reading works concerning onset clusters. A detailed reading list will be developed throughout the course of our discussions to reflect the interests of the participants. 

If you wish to participate in the meetings or wish to be included in the mailing list, please contact the organisers Anna Katharina Pilsbacher or Tor Håvard Solhaug. Everyone interested in phonological matters is welcome! 

Reading list and schedule

September 7th:  On the Link Between Onset Clusters and Codas in Mbat (Jarawan Bantu)- Christopher R. Green (2020)

September 14th:  On The Relationship Between Codas And Onset Clusters – Davis & Baertsch (2011)

September 21st: Phonological Representations and the Variable Patterning of Glides –Nevins & Chitoran (2008)

September 28th: Syllabic Consonants – Alan Bell (1978)

October 5th: Compiling sonority scales with obstruent vowels- Matthew Faytak (2012), and Syllabification in Northwest Indian languages, with remarks on the nature of syllabic stops and affricates- James Hoard (1978)

October 12th: Word Minimality in Bella Coola as evidence for moraic onsets – Nina Topintzi (2005) and Syllable structure in Bela Coola (Section 1.1 and Section 2) -Bagemihl (1991)

October 19th: Syllabic and moraic structures in Piro – Yen-Hwei Lin (1997)

October 26th: Vowel deletion as mora usurpation : the case of Yine – Eva Zimmermann (2013)

November 2nd: Metathesis without reordering (Chapter 5.1 and 5.2) – Eva Zimmermann (2009)

November 9th: Vowel-consonant metathesis in Nivaĉle –  Analía Gutiérrez (2020)

November 16th: Excrescent vowels in Lamkang prefix sequences – Mary Burke, Shobhana Chelliah and Melissa Robinson (2019)

November 23rd: Birgit Alber on truncation and Joachim Kokkelmans on Brussels French

November 25th: Eirini Apostolopoulou 

November 3oth: The Appendix-Vaux & Wolfe (2009)

December 7th: 

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