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Program – The Foundations of Extended Projections

Foundations of Extended Projections, 27-28 October

ThursdayOctober 27 Location: Morning session: TEO 1.425; After lunch: E0101
0915-1015Enoch O. Aboh, University of Amsterdam: TMA, Serialization, and the universal HoP
1015-1115Asia Pietraszko, University of Rochester: Reassessing functional verb diagnostics.
*** SLIDES ***
1115-1130short break (~15m)
1130-1230Susi Wurmbrand, University of Vienna and Harvard University: Restructuring and containment in an extended CP: first steps towards an approach of variation in ECM.
*** SLIDES ***
1230-1345Lunch (1h15) in Hovedkantina, Teorifagbygget
1345-1445Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai, National Tsing Hua University: On projecting causality.
*** SLIDES ***
1445-1500short break (~15m)
1500-1600Gillian Ramchand, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway: The symbolic domain
FridayOctober 28 Location: All day in UB AUD 132
0900-1000Michael Diercks, Pomona College: Height vs. Timing: Information structure is derivationally late. Evidence from Bantu languages.
*** HANDOUT ***
1000-1100Wenli Tang, University of Geneva: The functional map of Chinese V de O clefts: Focus and perfectivity
1100-1115short break (~15m)
1115-1215Waltraud Paul, Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l’Asie orientale (Center for East Asian Linguistic Research), Paris: Hierarchy of Projections: No place for (a refined version of) the Head Parameter.
*** SLIDES ***
1215-1315Lunch (1h) in Hovedkantina, Teorifagbygget
1315-1415Niina Ning Zhang, National Chung Cheng University: Could there be other functional elements? ***SLIDES***
1415-1515David Adger, Queen Mary University of London: Mereological Syntax.
*** SLIDES ***
1515-1530short break (~15m)
1530-1630Peter Svenonius, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway: Sources for hierarchy of features, categories, and domains

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