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Anders Romundset

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Anders Romundset, PhD
I am a Quaternary field geologist with particular interest in glaciations, sea-level change and chronology. I work at NGU – the Geological Survey of Norway, where I lead geological mapping projects in various parts of Norway. Presently (2016), I also run two research projects on past shoreline changes in south and mid-Norway. This work is done in connection with ongoing archaeological excavations, and base mainly on the collection and detailed analysis of new field data from isolation lake basins. Due to the large spatial variations in relative sea level changes along any formerly glaciated coastline, local reconstructions are required to attain the chronological accuracy needed for comparisons to archaeological reconstructions.

I completed my PhD in 2010 at the University of Tromsø, Norway, where I worked with reconstructing the deglaciation history and associated crustal uplift and shoreline changes at the coast of Finnmark, northernmost Norway. I also discovered and described deposits that prove the run-up of the 8150 years old Storegga tsunami along this Barents Sea coastline.

Mapping Quaternary geology in Norway means mostly dealing with the observation and interpretation of imprints from ice sheets and the effects seen in the landscape of both glaciations and postglacial processes. Field data is collected and treated through a completely digital GIS workflow, which secures accuracy from the field to the finished map. Modern datasets such as 3D aerial photographs and airborne LiDAR data are used along with observations of stratigraphy, sedimentology and landforms to reconstruct the regional geological development.

I look forward to contribute to project initiatives through the Joint Proxies network.


NGU – Geological Survey of Norway
P.O.Box 6315 Sluppen
N-7040 Trondheim

Email: anders.romundset@ngu.no


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