Oliver Vanderpoorten’s “NANO Hokusai” image wins 3rd place at the MNE 2021 Micrograph Contest Award

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Congratulations to our postdoc, Dr. Oliver Vanderpoorten, for winning 3rd place at the MNE 2021 Micrograph Contest Award with his micrograph titled “NANO Hokusai”.

The contest was framed within the Micro and Nano Engineering Conference celebrated in Turin, Italy, in September 2021.


Title: NANO Hokusai

During the development of SU-8 photo resist the remaining material on the wafer shaped this aesthetic wave.

The blue color is real and comes from the by coincidence formed thin film thickness of 100 nm.

Submitted by: Oliver Vanderpoorten

Affiliation: The Arctic University of Tromsø UiT

Instrument: Olympus stereoscope, mobile phone adapter (Sony XZ1)

Type: Conventional Wide-field microscope

Original Magnification: 10x Objective Olympus

Price: 100 Euro Amazon voucher