Image Contest 2022 – Winner Selected

Arctic Optica Student Chapter organized the Image Contest 2022. We were pleased to receive several interesting submissions from members and non-members.

Below you can see the submissions:

OpticaChapterSathi Das – These two scanning electron microscope images indicate the monolayer polysterene beads treated with O2 plasma for 7 min. Images (a) and (b) show a side-by-side comparison of the morphology of beads with and without a 70 nm silver coating. These nanostructures, specifically designed for biosensing purposes using the monolayer self-assembly method, were developed in a clean room facility at UiT, Tromso.

OpticaChapter2Sathi Das – The image shows the trapping of polystyrene beads with a diameter of 250 nm inside a PDMS nanobowl stamp. The structure was designed with the goal of trapping nanometer-sized biomolecules and extracting their molecular information using Raman spectroscopy. The synthesis was done in a clean room facility at UiT Tromso.

BloodlinesJehona Salaj – The figure shows a set of photonic crystal waveguides seen through an optical microscope in darkfield with 10x magnification. The part of the waveguides that scatters the light creating the “lines” is the lateral cladding.

Rainbow over a pondElvira Podieelnykh – There is a little rainbow caused by a fountain.

Red laser and mirrorsSahil Nazir Pottoo – Red laser mirror steering and reflections

Hydrangea ArcticaTheresa Zeumer – Depictured are frost crystals on a solid surface. The crystals form a structure that can be found in the botanical world, it seems to imitate the flowers of the hydrangea. These flowers are well-known as indicators of soil quality.

Masterpiece of NatureAyush Somani – A fascinating language is being spoken through the eyes of this animal. Keep an ear out for the tranquil nature speaking up for people who cannot speak for themselves. An expression captured by the kaleidoscopic rainbow of species preserved in a suspended glass jar.

Flora of the FutureAyush Somani – On the very last day of the earth, I would still like to plant a tree in an effort to ignite the “Green fire.” Even if technology conquers the world, humanity will still require a lone surviving tree of hope, inferred by the kaleidoscopic rainbow of species preserved in a suspended glass jar.

And the winner is

Kaleidoscopic Rainbow of WormAyush Somani – Caution!! The worm might pick “U”. You may be tempted in by the rainbow of innovation, only to end up being a worm that takes over the world by “Global Worm-ing”. An intriguing thought and pun on words, presuming you share my attitude of daydreaming. 😉

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