Welcome to the New Year!

Welcome to 2018!  It is going to be a full an exciting year here at CASTLFish. I am starting a new project funded by NFR on experimental semantics (modals and compositionality), and so look out for the advertisement of a new PhD position associated with that project, and a kick off conference later in the term. Serge (Minor) will be running a small reading group on semantics, compositionality and experimentation over the course of the term related to that, and of course we will be having our usual CASTLFish meetings, which I tentatively plan for Tuesday afternoons 1200-1400. Over the term, we will be visited by Patrik Bye, Charles Yang and Krzysztof Migdalski among others. Sebastia Salva i Puig will be here for two months as a visiting student starting in February. The PhD seminar in syntax/semantics continues with its Greatest Hits theme on Wednesdays from 1400-1545. Watch this space and the Events calendar as we get confirmed dates and times in place!  

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