Prosody Jam Session May 8/9

All are welcome to attend the prosody jam session where volunteers from Fish will present baked, half-baked and unbaked ideas to our Prof II Prosody expert Laura Downing. On the morning of Wed 9th May, Laura will take the floor for half and hour to present a concise version of her recent to appear LI paper (coauthored with Lisa Cheng and Joan Mascaro).
May 8th-May 9th
Schedule for Laura Downing visit:
Prosody Jam Session
Place: E1004

Tuesday 8th May:  

1215—1330  Craig Sailor

1330-1400  Gillian Ramchand

Wednesday 9th May:

1015-1045  Laura Downing

1045-1200  Peter Svenonius

1200-1245:  Lunch

1245-1400:  Björn Lundquist

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