CASTLFish in Iceland!

Yippee! CASTLFish starts the term off with a bang with three of our members giving talks at the Nordic dialect linguistics meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland!  Check out the programme here.

Maud Westendorp: Information structure and morphological complexity in the wh-questions of three Norwegian dialects

Ida Larsson & Björn Lundquist: Nordisk ordföljdsdatabas

Eirik Tengesdal, Björn Lundquist & Ida Larsson: Partikelvariationer i norska dialekter

Björn Lundquist & Øystein A. Vangsnes: Bidialektal prosessering av genus i norsk: ein blikksporingsstudie

Janne Bondi Johannessen, Tor A. Åfarli, Øystein Alexander Vangnes & Gjert Kristoffersen: Language Infrastructure made Accessible (LIA)


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