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The Meaningful Seminar

The Meaningful Seminar is a small informal group that gets together on a roughly biweekly basis to chat about a recent semantics paper we have read together. The seminar meets at 1500 sharp in A1018. The following schedule gives the planned dates of our meetings, as well as the paper we will be reading.

Contact gillian.ramchand@uit.no directly if you wish to join the group, or any of the specific weeks.

Thursday September 8th:


Chris Kennedy and Malte Willer. 2022. Familiarity Inferences, Subjective Attitudes and Counterstance Contingency: Towards a Pragmatic Theory of Subjective Meaning. (to appear in Linguistics and Philosophy).

September 22nd

Gennaro Chierchia. 2020. Origins of Weak Crossover: when Dynamic Semantics meets Event Semantics. Natural Language Semantics. vol 28. pg 23-26 (link is to 2019 preprint).

October 6th

Sæbø, Kjell Johan. to appear. Polarity Subjunctive in German and Russian.

October 13th (Kjell Johan Sæbø will be giving a guest lecture at 1415)

October 20th

October 27th (The Functional Sequence Workshop)

November 17th

November 24th

December 1st

December 8th

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