Tuesday 14 September a meeting was held in Tromsø for the members of part 2 of the project. For the new members of ICE this was a nice opportunity to introduce themselves and their research.

Kristin Evju and Velina Ninkova

The new PhD student is Kristin Evju. She finished the master programme in Indigenous Studies at UiT in 2012 and has been working for the Centre for Sami Studies for three years now. She developed her interest in topics related to education during her work for the Reaidu project. In her PhD project, Evju will focus on how teachers in Norway teach Sámi related topics and the challenges they face. This can be about the requirements in curricula, and the resources and educational materials available.

The new postdoctoral fellow is Velina Ninkova. She has recently finished her PhD at UiT and has been working at the anthropology department during the last years. Her research focuses on the Indigenous San in Namibia. The coming months, she wants to look at among other things the ways the San are imaged in the curricula, the current situation regarding teaching in their language, and attitudes towards cultural content in schools. She is enthusiastic to be part of the project and is she is looking forward to the coming period.

Furthermore, this semester there will also be two new research assistants working for the project. Elizabeth Solverson just finished the master in Indigenous Studies and I am currently writing my master thesis.

After the introduction of the new members and discussing their projects, several plans were made for the coming months. At the moment, the agendas are filled with research seminars and meetings on a variety of topics relevant to the project. It was an exciting and inspiring meeting and we are all looking forward to the coming months to have good discussions and see each other’s research develop.