On 16 October, the ICE project organised a seminar about diversity in research and education. Researchers from ICE gathered around the fire in Árdna together with researchers coming from three other Norwegian universities and two master students Indigenous Studies. From the ICE project, Torjer Olsen and Kristin Evju were present, joined by Åse Røthing (OsloMet), Stine H. Bang Svendsen (NTNU), Kristin Gregers Eriksen (USN), Tonje Myrebøe (OsloMet), Elise Margrethe Vike Johannessen (OsloMet), Amanda Fayant (master student Indigenous Studies) and Paulette van der Voet (master student Indigenous Studies).

Diversity has become an important concept within (research on) education in Norway and therefore also plays a role in the ICE project. This seminar provided us the opportunity to discuss the concept and its implications with other researchers. The day started with short introductions of everyone’s research. There was a wide variety of research topics represented, having all in common that they were about diversity and education. These introductions were followed by a discussion about what diversity is and what that means for research. Central in the discussion was the importance of having a critical, intersectional and decolonial view on diversity. After lunch, there was the opportunity to discuss the different research projects in more detail by focussing on the challenges that come while working with diversity in your research.

It was a good seminar that brought us many good ideas to take with us in our own work, and a lot of inspiration for further readings and discussions.