Alternative cable technology for shore connection charging

A cable is not just a cable. Also this area has technological development that can benefit future charging solutions. This literature review is written by Jeewan Khadka, research assistant with UiT in Narvik, summer 2019.

Alternative for wired shore connection for charging – What solution are there?

What is available alternatives for charging based on wired shore connection? This article is written by Suraj Timilsina, research assistent with UiT in Narvik summer 2019.

Topologier i grensesnitt mellom båt og land

Ulike topologier i grensesnittet mellom båt og land er vist i denne artikkelen, som er skrevet av Henrik Fjeld Nilsen, vitenskapelig assistent ved UiT sommeren 2019.

A Review on Electric Vehicles

This article is discussing possibilities and challenges with electric vehicle from an electric power engineering perspective. The report is written by Hafeez Abolade Omosanya, research assistant with UiT, summer 2019.

Electrical Aircrafts – Status and future development

This article aims to provide an overview of current electrical aircraft projects and technologies, the influence of electrifying aviation on the Norwegian grid, development status of electric aircraft charging and future technologies related to electric aviation. The report is written by Abdalla Abdellatif, research assistant with UiT, summer 2019.