Disputas and Trial Lecture: Joe Collins (18.10.)

We are happy to announce the trial lecture and disputas of Joe Collins which will take place on October, 18th 2019.   Joe’s thesis Neural Attractors and Phonological Grammar was written under the supervision of professor Martin Krämer (UiT) and professor Allessandro Treves, SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore de Studi Avanzati).    The trial lecture entitled Adding a learning Read More

Colloquium talk on Thursday (!) 10. 10. 2019

On October 10th,  Lisa Bylinina from Leiden University will present a talk entitled: “Numeral semantics: quantification, maximization and polarity.”  In order to arrive both at the right time and place, take note of the the unaccustomed day (Thursday) and place (HUM E0104-next door to the usual room).  🙂 Following the colloquium, a potluck will be Read More

Phonology Workshop (19-20 September)

On Thursday and Friday this week, we will be hosting the workshop Segmental Processes in Interaction with Prosodic Structure (or SPIPS for short). Please, check out the programme and join us for any talks that might interest you in TEO-H5 5.502 (same location as the FishFeed talks last term, except two stories further up).