10 GB free storage for archiving and publishing of datasets in DataverseNO

DataverseNO extends its data archiving service for archiving and publishing datasets in DataverseNO within 10 GB  for all researchers with Feide-ID. Contact research-data@support.uit.no if this restriction causes problems.

This is a free offer primarily intended to cover the need for an open data archive in those cases where publishers of a publication require data to be archived and made openly available. You must log in to DataverseNO with your Feide-ID. If your institution is not listed in the log-in menu, please ask the IT user support at your institution to activate Feide log-in for DataverseNO.

Go to DataverseNO: https://dataverse.no/

More info about and deposit guide for DataverseNO: http://info.dataverse.no

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