Valentina Zhukova: PhD project

Working title: “Threat in Russian – a constructional perspective”

Supervisors: Tore Nesset, Laura A. Janda


My research project is at the intersection of two larger projects: the Threat-Defuser ( and the Russian constructicon ( This study aims to investigate the Russian constructions of performing threats such as po-Verb-Imp eščë (mne/u menja)! Pogovori mne eščë!  ‘Don’t you dare talking like this!’. The first part of the study is based on a relatively small set of 27 constructions in Russian. A threat is defined as a promise performed by a threatener to harm another person — a threatenee. The constructions of threat in Russian typically include up to three components: the content of threat, the cause of threat and the consequence of threat. The analysis of constructions is conveyed within the scope of Construction Grammar and Cognitive Linguistics.

Project duration: 2021 – 2025

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