Lars-Erik Wikbergs article on The Unknown Laestadius [full version in Swedish]

The full version in Swedish of Lars-Erik Wikberg’s article from our kick-off seminar in 2015 is now available here. In the article, Wikberg outlines the founding of the publishing company Bibliotheca Laestadiana. He also gives a laestadian understanding of Laestadius, and a comprehensive theological view based on his own experiences. Wikberg gives important insight into what laestadians refer to as “The unknown Laestadius” [Den okände Laesadius] when dealing with academic researchers. In his argumentation Wikberg, uses central laestadian concepts such as The Doctrine of Passions (passionslæren), The Mark of Grace (nådemerke), The Order of Grace (nådens ordning), The Heavenly Parent (den himmelske forelder) and The Great Glory of Atonement (forsoningens store herlighet). Enjoy the reading.

(The presentation notes in English are available here.)

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