Aspect in Corpus and Experimental Data

Principal investigator: Laura A. Janda

Project title: Aspect in Corpus and Experimental Data

Summary of the project:

The behavior of aspect in relation to other factors (tense, mood, context, genre) are subjected to empirical research on the basis of extensive corpus and experimental data.

Corpus research is organized around the concept of grammatical profiles – relative frequency distributions of paradigm forms of verbs. Experimental research makes it possible to investigate the phenomenon of aspectual overlap (contexts where both perfective and imperfective aspect are possible) and its extent.


Grant from Norges forskningsråd/Norwegian Research Council for project “Birds & Beasts: Shaping Events in Old Russian” 2013-2015

Project duration: 2011 – present


Olga Lyashevskaya (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Hanne Eckhoff (Oxford University)

Robert J. Reynolds (Brigham Young University)

Tore Nesset (UiT)

Anna Endresen (UiT)

Key publications:

“Aspectual opposition and rivalry in Russian are not discrete: New evidence from experimental data”, co-authored with Anna Endresen and Robert J. Reynolds. Forthcoming. Russian Linguistics 43(3) (2019). DOI 10.1007/s11185-019-09217-7. 23pp.

“Construal vs. Redundancy: Russian Aspect in Context”, co-authored with Robert J. Reynolds. Cognitive Linguistics 3 Vol 30 (2019), 467-497. Ahead-of-print:

“A Stranger in the Lexicon: The Aspectual Status of Russian смочь ‘be able, manage (to)’”. In Stephen M. Dickey and Mark Richard Lauersdorf, eds. V zeleni drželi zeleni breg: Studies in Honor of Marc L. Greenberg. Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers, 2018, 105–26.

“Predicting Russian Aspect by Frequency Across Genres”, co-authored with Hanne M. Eckhoff and Olga Lyashevskaya. Slavic and East European Journal 61:4 (2017), 844-875.

“Old Church Slavonic byti Part One: Grammatical Profiling Analysis”, co-authored with Hanne M. Eckhoff [1] and Tore Nesset [3]. Slavic and East European Journal 58.3, 482-497. Data available at: hdl:10037.1/10074.

“Old Church Slavonic byti Part Two: Constructional Profiling Analysis”, co-authored with Hanne M. Eckhoff [1] and Tore Nesset [3]. Slavic and East European Journal 58.3, 498-525. Data available at: hdl:10037.1/10074.

“Grammatical Profiles and Aspect in Old Church Slavonic”, co-authored with Hanne M. Eckhoff. 2014. Transactions of the Philological Society Vol 112, Issue 2, pages 231-258. DOI: 1111/1467-968X.12012.

“Aspectual pairs in the Russian National Corpus”, co-authored with Olga Lyashevskaya. Scando-Slavica 57: 2 (2011), 201-215.

“Grammatical profiles and the interaction of the lexicon with aspect, tense and mood in Russian”, co-authored with Olga Lyashevskaya. Cognitive Linguistics 22:4 (2011), 719-763.


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