Compounds & other word formations

Principal investigators: Tore Nesset and Svetlana Sokolova

Project title: Compounds and other word-formation wonders

Summary of the project:

While Norwegian and other Germanic languages use compounds abundantly, compounding enjoys a somewhat less role in Russian word-formation. Therefore, Norwegian compounds often correspond to other constructions in Russian: bilselger = продавец машин (genitive construction) and gullring = золотое кольцо (relative adjective construction). This project investigates the relationship between Norwegian compounds and corresponding constructions in Russian, as well as ongoing developments of the relevant word-formation patterns in present day Russian.

Project duration: 2014 – present


In 2017-2018, Svetlana Sokolova was a collaborator on the grant: Native and borrowed formants and patterns in Russian word-formation against the Slavic background: semantic relations, types of interaction, stylistic potential. Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Department for Humanities and Social Sciences (2130/17-04-00532)

Key publications:

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Sokolova, Svetlana; Edberg, Bjørg Helene. Čto takoe “valjut-rynok”? Xarakteristika imennyx kompositov v russkom jazyke po resultatam korpusa i èksperimenta. (What is “valjut-rynok”? Characteristics of Russian nominal composites based on the results of a corpus and experimental study). 2016 ISBN 978-5-7525-3118-7.s 178 – 186.

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