What can corpus data tell us about Russian numerals?

Principal investigator: Tore Nesset

Project title: What can corpus data tell us about Russian numerals?

Summary of the project:

The morphosyntax of Russian numerals is notorious for its complexity. This research project addresses these complexities from the perspective of cognitive and corpus linguistics. How have the numeral construction changed over the last two centuries? What are the factors behind the variation we observe in Contemporary Standard Russian?

Project duration: 2017 – 2020

Key publications:

Nesset, Tore; Nordrum, Maria. Do Russian paucal numerals govern the genitive? Evidence from stress placement. Russian Linguistics : International Journal for the Study of the Russian Language 2019; Volum 43 (2). ISSN 0304-3487.s 87 – 105.s doi: 1007/s11185-019-09209-7.

Nesset, Tore. Big data in Russian linguistics? Another look at paucal constructions. Zeitschrift für Slawistik 2019; Volum 64 (2). ISSN 0044-3506.s 157 – 174.s doi: 1515/slaw-2019-0012.

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