Principal investigator: Laura A. Janda

Project title: THREAT-DEFUSER: Hybrid warfare and a plan to safeguard societies

Summary of the project:

THREAT-DEFUSER explores the role of “soft” information strategies propagated through mass and social media that constitute hybrid warfare. We investigate Norwegian perceptions of Russia, as well as Russian perceptions of Norway, in the context of Norwegian national security.

THREAT-DEFUSER is a multi-disciplinary project that combines state-of-the-art methodologies from political science, linguistics and media studies to forge new methodologies. Whereas academic disciplines tend to be disproportionately focused on the English-speaking world, THREAT-DEFUSER breaks away from that narrow view, focusing instead on Russian and two official languages of Norway: Norwegian and North Saami. Three cultural perspectives are opened up: 1) a major international language, since Russian is the second most-used language on the Internet; 2) a majority national language; 3) a minority indigenous language.

Project team:

Link to the project page:

Project duration: 2020 – 2026


THREAT-DEFUSER is funded by the Research Council of Norway, grant number 300002.

Key publications: forthcoming

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