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Events and Visitors (Archive)

One-off events arranged by CASTLFish as well as other events in Tromsø that are of interest to the linguistic community previously held at UIT.

Autumn 2021

30. September: Trial Lecture and Thesis Defense: Jelena Živojinović (17.00)

25. November: Workshop on forced alignment and phonetic analysis (12-16; online)

Spring 2021 

9. February: Pavel Caha on Semantic parameters, syncretism and counting (Fishfeed slot) slides

11. May: David Adger on The Noun Phrase in Kiitharaka (Fishfeed slot)

1. June:  Gary Thoms on  A syntactic reassessment of Goidelic pronoun postposing (Fishfeed slot) 

3.- 6. June: The Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference   arranged by the CLEAR research group

7.-9. June: Statistical Modelling for Linguists (LingPhil Course with Bodo Winter)

Autumn 2020 

3. September 2020:  Desalegn Workneh Trial Lecture 

4. September 2020:  Desalegn Workneh PhD Thesis Defence 

20. October 2020: Linda Wheeldon on Spoken sentence production: incremental planning for fluent output (Fishfeed slot)

24. November 2020:  Klaus von Heusinger on Indefinite demonstratives – specificity, referentiality and discourse prominence

 (Fishfeed slot)

27. November 2020:  Daniel Altshuler and Ana Arregui on The Syntax and Semantics of Aspect (Joust)

1. December 2020: Dave Kush (Fishfeed slot)

Spring 2020

21. February Bronwyn Bjorkman (Colloquium)

25. February – 5. March  Anything missing: Introduction to verbal and nominal ellipsis, stripping, gapping, sluicing, and nul complement anaphora (instructor:  Kjell Johan Sæbø)

28. February Dave Kush (Colloquium)

6. March Jenny Culbertson (Colloquium)

9. March Ager Gondra (Colloquium)

20. March Colloquium with Laura McPherson cancelled due to university closure 

20. April Emily Elfner  (Colloquium) cancelled due to university closure 

4.-5. May Bilingualism and the Brain Workshop organised by the Polar Lab** Rescheduled for June 1-2 2021. 

18. May Linda Wheeldon (Colloquium) cancelled due to COVID-regulations** Rescheduled for September 25.

25. May Nina Topintzi (Colloquium) cancelled due to COVID-regulations

1.-3. June Statistical Modeling for Linguists (instructor: Bodo Winter) ** Postponed check LingPhil for further information

4-5. June NORKOGs Sommerseminar 2020 organised by CLEAR ** Rescheduled for May/June 2021. 

** We are working on rescheduling events that had to be cancelled due to the closure of the university this spring. Information about each event and in which form it will be held will be updated here as soon as it is available.

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